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“The Perfume” vs. “The Blind Assassin”

What is the ultimate purpose of a human life? When such a controversial question is presented, tens upon hundreds of ideas and answers arise. One may argue a materialistic approach in which merely the acquisition of tangible possessions builds the foundations for a response to the given question. Another may insist that the answer is […]

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How does the Handmaids Tale address the issues of social examination?

The Handmaids Tale is a social examination told by one women trapped in a theocratic community. Offred dissects the Gileadien society through language and structure, which is parallel to her expression of self-identification and the wholes in her society with reference to past cultures. Gilead is a collection of past communities fused together to create […]

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Margaret Atwood is a poet as well as a novelist

Margaret Atwood does indeed use a variety of different and recurrent images throughout the novel. Her use of imagery makes the story challenging, whilst at the same time painting a more visual understanding for the reader. Two important themes run through the story, biblical images relating to the ideology of Gilead and on the other […]

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Empiricism: With the writing style/tone of Joseph Addison

After growing weary of hearing the idiot’s tale, I began to see farther down the decaying trail called Time that the tale had originated from. What caught my attention was something that I had not seen before because of the sound of the idiot’s tale always holding my attention. I saw that farther up the […]

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What is Atwood’s message in The Handmaid’s Tale?

The Handmaid’s Tale covers many topics and through Offred’s discussion of events we see how Gilead has warped bible messages, torn apart families and condones legalized rape. The democratic society she once took for granted has been exchanged for a strict patriarchal fundamentalist dystopia, leaving her as nothing more than a “cloud congealed around a […]

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