Essays on Psychology

One cannot monitor peoples minds, only their behavior

Observation is a major problem. One cannot monitor people’s minds, only their behavior. These can be overcome by using questionnaires, surveys, opinion polls, interviews, etc, but we all know that we lie in those too! We tend to overestimate ourselves, or underestimate ourselves. Another problem […]

Friedrich Froebel’s Ideas

A gift was an object given to a child to play with, which helped the child to understand the concepts of shape, dimension, size, and their relationships. These gifts or playthings included balls, globes, dice, cylinders, collapsible dice, shapes of wood to be put together, […]

Persuasion Theory

According to DeVito (1991) there are three principal means of persuasion – reasoning and evidence, motivating appeals and credibility appeals. The success in changing an audience’s attitude or beliefs, and moving target groups to action, depends on many factors, including the four principles of persuasion […]

Research Papers into the psychology of athletes

“At the beginning and end of their competitive seasons, athletes indicated who the task, social, and external leaders were on their respective teams and responded to four dimensions of the Athlete Satisfaction Questionnaire. ” A meeting was arranged with the athletes, where the experiment was […]

Environmental Psychology

Corridor residents responded differently from the suite residents in a number of ways. They perceived their floors to be more crowded, they also felt that they were often forced into inconvenient and unwanted interaction with others and indicated a greater desire to avoid others. Corridor […]

Social Psychology

Different variables may affect the ability to reproduce the experiment in future. Situation variables may occur. These are variables that relate to the environment to which the experiment took place. Light and noise levels, for example, could distort the final result. More noise can disrupt […]

Psychology: the practical project

The aim of this experiment was to see if Schachter & Singer’s two-factor theory of emotion is supported when subjects have been given chocolate. An opportunity sample was used, made up of thirty college students, aged 16-19 years. Participants were randomly assigned into one of the […]

Developmental psychology

Lifespan development also draws on ideas from the theory of evolution that we adapt in order to ensure that we survive. So as society, culture and history change we must adapt to these changes to ensure our survival. Social/cultural/historical influences play an important part within […]

Homeopathy vs Psychology

As you can see, her symptoms fit the depression criteria exactly but her other symptoms were also observed and used to determine the appropriate remedies. After seeing the homeopath, she was eventually given Thuja and improved dramatically. By 1995 she was still improving and doing […]

Psychology Case Study

According to Freud we all have sexual and aggressive desires driving us to behave the way we do, however we repress these desires to a sub-conscience level because society oppresses that sort of behaviour. It goes against the norms of society. Sometimes we let these desires […]