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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses on the way people think and act, to help them with their emotional behavioural problems (Branch, R and Willson, R 2010: 9-11). Cognitive therapy was developed by American psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck in the 1960’s. His theory aims to treat various patients by changing their perceptions and views. For example […]

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Cognitive Behavior Theory

The discussion is based on my personal beliefs, values, life experiences, and cultural background. Cognitive behavioral therapy will be discussed and why I chose to elaborate on the ways it help clients in counseling sessions. Goals, strengths, limitations, and approaches will be discussed in the paper. This theory is very effective and I was able […]

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Sex Offenders

Larry Simmons Residence (LSR) of A New Leaf is a residential treatment center for adolescent male sex offenders. They treat male sex offenders have between the ages of twelve to seventeen. LSR only has room for twenty boys in their treatment center. A New Leaf is a not for profit agency which was previously known […]

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