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Explain the benefits of diversity to society

There are two main reasons to respect the diversity of others these are: 1.It is unjust and unfair and can be illegal to treat people of minority groups differently or in a discriminatory way. 2.It is important to realise that there are positive benefits to society when diversity is respected. Valuing diversity can open our […]

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Ethnic Conflict

The effect modernization has had on ethnic identification and ethnic conflict is not a great one. Early modernization theorists, who were quite optimistic about the positive effects of literacy, urbanization, and modern values, clearly underestimated the extent to which these factors might mobilize various ethnic groups and set them against each other (Handelman, 2011, p. […]

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Racial Profiling and African American Males

Racial profiling has been an issue in the United States since the beginning of time. Racial profiling is more of a problem today than before but has been a problem since slavery. The main target of racial profiling is African American males. It seems that the larger cities in the United State have this problems […]

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