Essays on Research

University’s research

In my point of view, His leadership style is not authoritative as he likes team controlling and motivates people. He also has a good approach to negotiation when he manages to raise money. He has good negotiation skill, which persuade the London bankers successfully that […]

Primary Research

I choose to do a privately held franchise as all Subway(r) outlets are franchised and there are no company-owned units. I feel my business will face less risk if I open a franchise. I can benefit from a ‘Subway’ experience and enjoy it. I feel […]

Main Research Method and reasons

I’m decided to use content analysis. Content analysis is the analysis of communication, in this case the portrayal of the physically challenged in films. Since the media comes ready made it’s easy to gain access to the broadcast relevant to the study, this makes it […]

Comparison and Related Research

According to Martin and Coe (1997), ‘carbohydrate is less efficient form of stored energy than fat’. They based this conclusion upon an observation that fats or triglycerides are 88% carbon and hydrogen and only 12% oxygen. Glycogen, on the other hand is 47% carbon and […]

Drug Abatement Research

Michele Wharton from James Madison University… posts “you can have a program like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire? “, Who wants to be a Candyaire?. Smarties were given for the correct answer, dum dums for the wrong answer. After answering 3 correct, students can […]

Research & people

In completing the interviews and carefully examining the research materials that have been reviewed earlier, it is the authors aim to present the final finding in this study. The said findings are to be subdivided into three parts that are to cater the different issues […]

Research methods

The entrepreneurship survey addresses the problem statement in a number of ways. One, the issue under investigation is the influence of business risk on entrepreneurship or the decision of individuals to engage in a business of their own. The entrepreneurship survey enabled the derivation of […]

Survey Research

Another method in Quantitative survey is the drop off household survey in which the interviewer personally go to the respondent’s place to give the instrument which is a paper where the questions to be answered is written . In some cases, researchers are instructing them […]