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Research to a successful shop

When researching materials i had to think about the costs as well as the practical side. Although the shop hasn’t been doing to well the financial side is secure and the owner is willing to invest in the shop front to boost future sales and attract more customers. I researched various materials for the shop. […]

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Analysis of Research for my Lamp Design

Interview with my client -Client would prefer material to be made of wood and or acrylic -Client would like light blue or yellow lights -Informed me of possible colour schemes I could use -Informed me of my client wanted Product analysis -Shape and aesthetics are just as important as the light itself -Most designs have […]

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Work efficiently and effectively at electrical wiring and testing

* Drawings and technical information can be obtained from a maintenance company or on site services which undertake building maintenance. Only obtain original copies to be certain that they are correct. Storage is also important to garantee the care and safe keeping of the documents. Firstly they should be stored in a safe environment. They […]

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The Evidential Value of Glass Fragments

As a crime scene examiner you are on many occasions going to find glass when approaching a crime scene. It may be a burglary where a person has broken a window to gain entry or egress, a car taken without owner’s consent or even a murder scene where a victim has been bludgeoned by a […]

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