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The Parthian Wars

After the negotiations of the conference of Luca in 56, Crassus gained the consulship in 55 and secured the governorship of Ceria in 54. Crassus craved the military recognition which personified Pompey and Caesar. He had learnt that money did not result in popularity, but military exploits did. Relations between Parthia and Rome were never […]

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Roman Household Gods

What does archaeological/written evidence reveal about the role/importance of household gods and temples in Roman life during the first century AD? Archaeological and written evidence has revealed to us many great revelations about the past, in this case, the past concerning household gods in Roman life during the first century AD. These revelations help us […]

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Roman Superstitions

Nightmares, black cats and even stumbling upon a doorstep- a mere incident for us today, right? However this wasn’t the same viewpoint of the Romans during the Roman Empire. The Romans were very superstitious when compared to our society today. They believed in many superstitions and omens that could be a hindering factor in their […]

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What in Your View Was the Short-Term Significance of Boudicca?

Boudicca is a historical figure of undeniable significance, “one of those rare individuals from the past who have become folk heroes…” (Hingley, R & Unwin, C, 2005, 7). In Iron Age Britain, Boudicca was able to emerge as a Queen with unwavering passion, determination and the upmost of bravery in her rebellion against Roman rule. […]

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