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Romantic and Love tun

This essay will be telling you about how film trailers attract the audiences and the different types of Genres in them. I realised that the trailers use action the draw people in to watch the film. These trailers are very clever as they act like adverts but are released before the film comes out, this is […]

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George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion

George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion was about Higgins, a phonetics expert, who, as a kind of social experiment, attempts to make a duchess out of an uneducated Cockney flower-girl, Eliza. Pygmalion followed some traditional rules. First, the play was based on Eliza’s transformation as the main theme. Higgins claimed he could pass Eliza off as a […]

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Emotion & Romantic

Although it would not be the same cuckoo, it does not matter, it still reminds Wordsworth of his childhood. Wordsworth’s poem is drenched with nostalgia. His longing is for the past, for his childhood days. Keats contrasts himself and the nightingale. He longs for the nightingale in a wishful way. He wants to be the […]

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Romantic Ireland

In both poems, Yeats is trying to escape from something in his everyday life. The Second Coming uses dark and depressing words such as ‘The Second Coming! ‘, ‘things fall apart’ and ‘the best lack all conviction’. This makes it clear that he is trying to escape from all of the chaos, war and the […]

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Age of Enlightenment and Romantic

During the Age of Enlightenment the major style was Rococo and artist expression centered on the theme “the pursuit of pleasure. ” This is most evident in The Swing, painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard in 1769. Sculpture in the Age of Enlightenment wasn’t much different than the paintings. Just as in the paintings it centered on […]

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