Essays on School

School matches

Alex’s main weakness is his stamina, watching him perform in school matches I have realized he tiers very quickly affecting his performance. Him getting tired means that his muscles are not receiving as much oxygen as they need causing the build up of lactic acid, […]

The Primrose Hill Boys School log book

Sources A and C prove overall that under achievement among poor children in Yorkshire schools was due to parents having little interest in education, because both sources suggest that children would have been encouraged by their parents to show little interest in education, which would […]

The world travel to school

In this investigation I will examine how children in different parts of the world travel to school and how easily accessible their schools are. Accessibility will be determined by time taken to travel to school and distance covered. In order to establish a link between […]

Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy in a School

Physiological needs: – this level can be met by providing canteens and snack machines for food and drink, providing a comfortable environment for the students to work in etc. Safety needs: – this level can be met be providing a safe environment within the school, […]

Primary school

Also this week the children’s commissioner has said that bullying is shifting from physical attacks to psychological cruelty. Mr Trobe says such psychological tactics have become common in the past 5 0r 6 years, he says “driven by near universal ownership of mobile phones among […]

Feydhoo School

Feydhoo School is located in Feydhoo, an island of the most southern atoll of Maldives. It has students up to secondary level. It has teachers from Maldives and other countries. Because this is a government school, students does not pay any fee to the school. […]

A secondary school

When learning to solve problems children once again are staring with problems involving ‘real life’ or money. They proceed with this approach applying their growing knowledge of calculations starting with addition and subtraction and then multiplication and division. Similar strategy of starting with simple tasks, […]

School and stuck

Navy and black both got the same amount of interest from the pupils asked but we decided to go with navy as the hoodies last year were black. The price which we decided to sell our hoodies at was an important decision which each person in […]

Raphael’s School of Athens

The tide again turned during Renaissance. The rise of classical art to dominance in the Renaissance would be one of the signs of the end of the medieval world. The word renaissance means “rebirth. ” Apart from its broader context signifying a total paradigm shift […]

Go to school

I grew up in a very peaceful small community, where I learned how to stood, walked, and ran but the most important thing is, it is where I learned many things in life from my parents. When I was 5 years old, my day would […]