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Jeffery Lionel Dahmer: Well-Known American Serial Killer

Jeffery Lionel Dahmer is a well-known American serial killer who murdered 17 boys and men from 1988 until July 22, 1991 when he was arrested in Millwaukee. His nicknames were “Milkwaukee Monster” and “Milwaukee Cannibal”, which was quite suiting considering his chosen methods of murder. (Apa-voices. yahoo) There are a lot of suspected theories as […]

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What’s on a serial killer’s mind: an exploratory study

The world of humans is oftentimes unpredictable, changing and wondrously exciting. However, when these attributes become extremely bizarre and painfully detrimental, humans become sick and worried about to what extent can other humans afford to inflict harm against them. Serial killers and the deeds they do, are perceived as people whose acts of killing can […]

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Extreme killing

Although the United States only contains 5% of the world’s population, it is home to 75% of the world’s serial killers. For many reasons, these people are driven to hunt down and kill their fellow humans. Some seek to use a proxy to exact revenge on a former lover (Bundy), others wish to possess their […]

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