Essays on Shakespeare

Aristotelian or Shakespearean

In addition to this, the fact that Willy previously in the play did not want Linda ‘mending stockings in this house’ and then ordered her to ‘throw them out’, but now he has promised The Woman stockings shows us the foreshadowing of the flashback, let […]

Shakespeare, Cowper, Blake and Campbell

The introduction of additional ‘specific subjects’ i. e. English, Geography and History, for those who got to level five, were paid for by the government. The government attempted to widen the curriculum, thus those who couldn’t pass were removed from schools, this also proves that […]

Midsummers’ Night dream

Love is another theme in the play and we mainly see it between the four Athenian lovers. Continuing with the love potion, it is also used to wreak romantic havoc throughout the play. The carelessness of Puck causes the situation of the lovers to become […]

Shakespeare’s portrayal of Katherina

Another theme he uses would be piracy and sea imagery, where Petruchio again objectifies Katherina, but this time compares her to a ‘swelling Adriatic sea’, which gives the impression that she is violent and stormy. He also plans to ‘board her’, which again states that […]

Shakespeare present society

Throughout “The Taming of The Shrew” the audience is shown the manner in which women were treated in the 16th Century. This is done through the female characters: Katherine, Bianca, Widow, Bartholomew: yet we must question Shakespeare’s intentions. Was the play written in order to […]

What does Shakespeare have to say about the role of women

Shakespeare’s depiction of the role of women in The Taming of the Shrew, seems to seek to question the contemporary view of their position as, “I am your wife in obedience”, (Induction 2, line 103) by showing that marriage can be a more evenly balanced […]

Shakespeare creates dramatic patterns

There are characteristics that individual’s share that lead them to make similar decisions and actions, and in the parallelism that Shakespeare uses in As You Like It, characters are almost identical in personality and action in the play. Duke Frederick’s and Oliver’s characterization is profoundly […]

Shakespeare’s presentation of women

Although Shakespeare reflects and at times supports the cultural constructs of women and men and their conflicting roles and responsibilities in society, he also questions, challenges, and modifies those representations, creating a complicated ambivalence, as one moment he is praising women, yet in another he […]

Show how Shakespeare brings out the duality

Show how Shakespeare brings out the duality in Antony’s character in Act 1. “Antony and Cleopatra” by William Shakespeare is a play revolving around the destructive duality of Antony’s character. Shakespeare uses Antony’s transformation from Roman to Egyptian to cause constant conflict between the Roman side […]

Shakespeare & Mark Antony

In an aside, Enobarbus likens Antony’s situation to a sinking ship, and makes a reference to the fact that some of Antony’s top generals have already deserted to join Caesar: ‘Sir, Sir, thou art so leaky/ That we must leave thee to thy sinking, for/ […]