Essays on Shakespeare

In his depiction of Richard III

  It also shows his deep contempt for women, trying to stop both his brothers from liking them. Another one of Richard’s traits is revealed in lines 110-112. He fakes emotions to lure people into a false sense of security. He has already shown fake […]

The Richard III movie

The war of the Roses is a civil war between two families fighting for the crown. On one side there are the York’s and on the other side there was the Lancaster family who at the start of the war have thrown. At the end […]

Lady Anne

Richard III is supposedly known for his murderous yet manipulative ways. It is the character that has aroused many questions as to what type of personality he actually possessed. There are many words that could describe Richard III throughout this play. Yet Shakespeare wrote this […]

Protestants and the Catholics

The opening scene to Shakespeare’s last complete play, ‘The Tempest’ is set out at sea where a ship is struck by a tempestuous storm. This play questions the theme of colonisation and anti-Semitism which were very relevant to America in the seventeenth century. Throughout the […]

Shakespeare presents appearance

A key theme that William Shakespeare uses in the play, Richard III, is appearance and reality. Appearance and reality is the meaning that something may appear in one way but in truth it is completely the opposite. This device is utilized through the main characters […]

Shakespeare portrays

Richard often uses his acting skills; this helps him get close to his targets and gets what he wants mainly power and eventually the throne. Richard pretends that he is pleased that the fighting is over on page one but. During his soliloquy he is bitter […]

Shakespeare draws

Shakespeare draws in the audience to the side of evil because he tells the audience who Richard is going to kill or get killed, for example when he says “This day should Clarence be mew’d up, About a prophecy, which says that “G”, Of Edwards […]

Shakespeare and Richard

Richard’s propensity to spin is parodied by Shakespeare propensity to spin doctor, to publicise the Queen of the time, Elizabeth I, in the fairest light of all. Such an example of Shakespeare’s proclivity to spin is shown most compellingly when the Ghost of the Princes […]

Shakespeare’s theatre

William Shakespeare had to use such a language to paint a picture of the play in the audience’s mind. As Miranda describes Caliban as a ‘villain’ when she remembers that he tried to rape her. Miranda ”T is a villain, sir, I do not love […]

The Tempest is the only comedy written by Shakespeare

The Tempest is the only comedy written by Shakespeare. It involves re-creation, renewal and rebirth but is not concerned with retribution or revenge. The play has a fairytale setting on a magical island and a man called Prospero with his daughter, Miranda encounter visitors on […]