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The native Americans

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the negative stereotypes that Anglo-Americans have forced upon their Mexican-American counterparts. It seems likely that this conflict stems from that which originated at the Mexican/ American border centuries ago. But these pervasive stereotypes are not secluded solely to the land at the border between Mexico and […]

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Southern Europe

We define Southern Europe as Spain, Italy and Greece. These three countries have in common to be relatively young democracies, built on the remains of authoritarian regimes after WW2. They also share a long track record as Mediterranean powers. Can we nevertheless say that the quality of democracy in Southern Europe is poor? Although they […]

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Democracy and developing countries

  The “old” and “new” powers involved in negotiations during transition period can span from military and political parties in Latin America, state and civil society in Eastern and Central Europe to ethnic tribes in Africa. Until the general consensus about the democracy as the only desirable regime is achieved, the country can be driven […]

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Benidorm Case Study

When it was discovered in the fairly early post war years, Benidorm was a small fishing village, with a relatively small population – whose main income was obtained through fishing the local coast -, on the Costa del Sol but quickly became Spain’s biggest holiday resort for people from foreign countries, and at its peak, […]

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Business Culture in Spain

I chose to profile Spain and their business culture in this paper. In 1986 Spain joined the European Union which significantly increased their economy. If you are going to do business with the people of Spain it is important to understand their work relationships and business practices. Business Culture in Spain Spain is a country […]

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