Essays on Statement

Person making the statement

‘I am certain’ involves subjective judgement and even personal conviction to form the decision; whereas ‘it is certain’ appears on the surface to be free of subjectivity, as it is a public statement that doesn’t apply to one individual more than another. ‘I am certain’ […]

Problem Statement

Considering the socio economic outlook, families increasingly encounter breakdowns with their offsprings having to leave home; at centrepoint we think that dealing with the social exclusion of young people requires an integrated approach to securing a safe home that will be a strong foundation on […]

Statement of Global User Requirements

The first step in developing a database model using ER model is to consider the requirements of the system. After analyzing the current paper based system and reading the interview conducted with the managing director, several user requirements are captured. Since there is no claim […]

Problem Statement

In the computer games industry, it is easier to create a start up but the console games industry is more closed, a games developer must have up to three licenses from the console manufacturer, firstly; a license to develop games for the console, secondly; the […]