Essays on Story

The Speckled Band

One thing that every detective has is a good use of observational skills. At the beginning of the story when Sherlock says to Helen “You have come in by train this morning, I see” Helen is confused by this comment at first and then asked […]

A Scandal In Bohemia and The Dancing Men

Moreover, having studied these three stories thoroughly I have realised how observant Holmes can be. This is emphasized by minor incidents to show the readers how good Holmes is at his job and how good his powers of deduction are. There is minor incident to […]

The Lack of Evolution in the Detective Genre

Holmes and Poirot also use similar methods notice similar clues. For example, both detectives noticed family portraits and used them to identify the culprit. Holmes shows Watson a portrait. At first he sees nothing, but then Holmes “curved his right arm over the broad hat […]

Main characters in this story

There are few main characters in this story, the narrator, his brother Gregory, his mother, his aunt fanny and his farther William Preston. The narrator describes himself as, “I suppose I was a cleaver lad; at any rate, I always got plenty of praise; and […]

Heart-pumping story

The author also mimics the body at these panic points. As the character of Lavinia gets breathless, her heartbeat and respiration increases. This is shown by short sentences, as though she is gasping for breath. This automatically makes the reader breathless. The panic points are […]

Good Guy

Things quickly get better for John, as he finds out his wife is pregnant. The audience discover this at the same time as John does, this means they know how much of shock it must be for him. Elizabeth will be saved as she is […]

Miller sustains

But even if Giles manages to keep Paris from disrupting his defence against his wife he still has Judge Danforth. Danforth accuses Giles of disrespecting the court and telling them what they should or should not believe. “Disrespect indeed! It is disruption, Mister. This is […]

The Crucible

Elizabeth is pregnant. My wife is sitting lonely in jail, accused of being a witch and she’s pregnant. Can’t Abigail see what she is doing? She has already wrecked my marriage, now she’s playing with the lives of my wife and children! What has come […]

The Great Grimpen Mire

In Chapter 7 Stapleton talks of how Ponies have been sucked into the Great Grimpen Mire, this seems random and makes you think that something concerning the Great Grimpen Mire is going to happen. Chapter 8 is Watson’s first report where he talks about Barrymore, […]

The Crucible

The play The Crucible is set in Salem Massachusetts in the year 1692. The play is about a religious community persecuting innocent people under false pretences due to extreme paranoia. At the time Arthur Miller wrote the play it was during the period McCarthyism was […]