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Is texting wrecking the English Language?

In my opinion, I think texting and using mobile devices is the future. Almost every adult or teenager has a mobile device, since over quarter of adults and teenagers in the UK own a smartphone. Texting has so many advantages because it’s cheap, quick and easy. However, there are even more ways to communicate quickly […]

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The risks and benefits of Facebook and social media

Nowadays, who doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, Linkedin or other kind of social media? Even parents and grand parents get cracked for them. Social media are omnipresent in our lives. But before going further, let’s define what social media are. Social media are forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and […]

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Advantages of Facebook for students life

Hello everybody! Welcome to my presentation today! My name’s Quỳnh and you can call me Ruby Wu Now, I am very glad to give a short presentation about such an exciting topic: Advantages of Facebook on Students’ life. I am sure that everyone I know owns at least 1 Facebook account. And have you ever […]

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Minority Students and Unequal Educational Opportunities: Causes, Implications, and Possible Interventions

Educational opportunities among minorities exist until today. This is evident in the disparities observed in the quality of teaching and overrepresentation of minority students in special education programs due to biased, culture-insensitive, and inappropriate referral and placement criteria. Efforts to conduct early intervention through monitorial and corrective actions, encouragement of parental involvement to regularly check […]

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Straight a Student

There are many students that get straight A’s in school, but there are also many that don’t. Most students may think that there is no way for them to receive straight A’s; that they are just not smart enough. Sometimes you don’t have to be the impertinent or the most forsaken one to receive straight […]

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Exceptional Students

Special children have considerably different needs depending on their health situations. Hence teaching these types of children is indeed a challenge especially to early childhood educators. Parents at first base may have a hard time accepting the fact that their children are mentally different from other children. This is the reason why the educators of […]

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