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Unsafe Cosmetic Surgery: A Negative Idea

In the 21st century, technologies are so advanced that we can change our appearance that people hoped in 20th century. Humans have always had problem or were always unsatisfied with their appearance therefore, humans have wanted to change it, and to us, cosmetic surgery is way that they can accomplish their dreams. Cosmetic surgery is […]

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I am sick of waiting at the doctor’s surgery

Let us pretend we have an appointment at the ENT physician at 11 o’clock. When do we expect to be able to leave the surgery when the medical examination lasts about 10 minutes -quarter past eleven one could suppose? However, taking a closer look into the waiting rooms of all different kinds of physicians tells […]

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Turning points in surgery, especially in the 19th century

There were lots of different injuries that surgeons would try and treat. In the 16th century, Surgery wasn’t taught in the universities. People became surgeons by being apprenticed to another surgeon, watching his or her work and copying it. There were guilds of surgeons who controlled entry into the profession. Master surgeons needed to have […]

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It Is Not Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery has existed since before the times of the Incas. Some evidence even dates it back to 3000 B. C. Africa (“Neurosurgery”). Even though neurosurgery has been around for thousands of years, and technology dealing with neurosurgery has advanced, its main intention has not changed as time progressed. Surgeons are physicians, which work to right […]

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