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Unemployment Rate

As forecasts go, they have an intrinsic degree of uncertainty. It remains to be argued whether Romania’s preset agreements with global organizations (i. e. IMF, EU) make forecasting a little easier, or if in fact, the transitionary character of its economy turns forecasting into a very difficult exercise. Nevertheless, the current section attempts to forecast […]

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Unemployment in the 1980s

This play on words follows a scene where Angie berates Chrissie after he eats the last three slices of bread, all that was left for the children’s breakfast. Their impoverished situation is augmented by Bleasdale’s use of dramatic convention at this point. The scene switches to focus on Miss Sutcliffe, employed as a DHSS worker. […]

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Random Acts of Senseless Violence

In today’s modern American society, unemployment rates soar at an all time high. America faces a recession the likes of which haven’t been seen since the early 1930’s during a little stint known as the Great Depression. There are many who feel that the current recession will have a huge impact on the success of […]

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A Second Stimulus Package

The main purpose of the economic stimulus package was to prevent the re-emergence of the panic that gripped investors in 2008. It also aimed to restore trust in the finance industry by further limiting bonuses for senior executives for companies that received TARP funds (Recovery. gov). The $787 billion economic stimulus package was approved by […]

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