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Original Writing: Dubai

‘Ladies and Gentleman, we have now arrived in Dubai airport, thank you for flying emirate airlines’, announced the captain. It was about time too! The flight from London Heathrow to Dubai was an exhausting one. Stepping of the plane you instantly see what is in front of you. The most magnificent airport I had ever […]

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Analysis of the current working of Emirates National School

Now that I have completed my analysis of the current working of EMIRATES NATIONAL SCHOOL I will now have to suggest the solutions, which I will have to implement using the new system, which I have proposed. After I have installed and configured the new hardware and software for the newly purchased computers I would […]

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Letter to a Friend

Dear Syed, How are you my friend? It has been some time since we last met. How was your trip to Europe? Hope you enjoyed your time there visiting many interesting places, you sure do seem enjoying your time visiting Paris, I can see it in your big smile of excitement taking picture infront of […]

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