Essays on War

Carrie’s War

Source G is an extract from ‘Carrie’s War’ written by Nina Bowden. The extract tells about what it was like for evacuees when they reach their foster homes. The children seem very happy and chirpy. The source tells you about what many children thought of […]

War in the period 1940-43

It is undeniable that Italy was in no way prepared for the reality of war in 1940. Mussolini decided to enter war with the full knowledge that the Italian Commission on War Production had warned that Italy could not sustain a single year of warfare […]

Peloponnesian War

Kleon was an Athenian politician during the Peloponnesian War, who was known to be the first representative of the “Commercial class” (or working class) in Athens. He was not born from a wealthy father like other politicians before him, such as Solon and Peisistratus, but […]

Nazi war production

Arguably the biggest downfall behind the German defeat in the Second World War was the failure to create an efficient wartime economy and production process. Without the strong implementation of these basic factors it was always going to be a near impossibility to be successful […]

The First Civil War

Although the civil war in the southern Sudan is sometimes regarded as one long conflict from 1955 to 2005 only separated by a ceasefire of 11 years, it is usually referred to in the literature as two civil wars. The first, sometimes referred to as […]

Second World War

Historians are inclined upon the school of thought that the prime responsibility of guiding weapons of murder and unleashing of terror upon the European people rest squarely on Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler’s original precept that culminated into the Second World War was in preparing […]

Vietnam War

The relationship between the Kennedy’s administration and US intelligence was constructive and successful. Here we see that there were two important issues, i. e. detecting events before they unfolded and preventing policy intelligence consensus. Even though there was no real basis of the America Soviet […]

The First World War

Battleships used by British soldiers and submarines by German were considered very Important weapons in the war. 8 As we can see; because of technology man was fighting against man from the ground. water and air. All imaginable tactics were being invented for one reason- […]

World War II

In American history, there has been no other armed conflict which demanded more time, attention, money and lives, than did World War II. Worldwide, the war cost more than 55 million lives and trillions of dollars. The war affected entire generations and in the case […]

The War to end all Wars

The years before the start of World War II in 1914 is characterized by the race for European dominance. It was a period of improving western science, technology, industry, agriculture, transportation, communications, and weapons. It was also a period of the New Imperialism wherein a […]