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Shaping in war

Just as water shapes itself according to the ground, an army should manage its victory in accordance with the situation of the enemy. Just as water has no constant shape, so in warfare there are no fixed rules and regulations…Therefore, do not repeat the tactics that won you a victory, but vary them according to […]

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The Civil War

Part 1 gives us the background of ‘Boo’ Radley and how the community see him. This is useful to us later on in part 2 when Boo becomes more active in the storyline. Part 2 is when the main storyline about Tom Robinson’s court case takes place. As the story is set over a couple […]

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Ancient Greek

War has always occurred. The problem of War has been continually examined from Ancient Greek philosophers to twenty first century political theorists. Different cultures, religions and nations have continually clashed over territory, politics and resources. The seeming inevitability of War has been widely discussed among philosophers and political scientists throughout history. Many theories have attempted […]

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War and the fate of regimes: a comparative analysis

  Adequate? The authors put forward three hypotheses: Hypothesis 1. The chances of a domestically instigated violent regime change increase with the defeat in war. Hypothesis 2. Violent regime change is least likely for winning initiators; the likelihood of violent regime overthrow increases for winning targets, losing targets, and losing initiators in that order. Hypothesis […]

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The protection of civilians during wartime

    Thus, in a situation where it is known that civilians may be endangered by a particular action it is not enough simply not to aim at this. Rather, being aware before the event of such a danger, action must be taken to minimise it. 23 I would argue that this should be the […]

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The Second World War

In 1904 a syllabus was introduced. It identified two main areas; health and education. To achieve this, 109 exercise tables were drawn up. These were specific lesson plans that teachers or instructors could follow. These plans allowed for poor facilities, no equipment and the large numbers in classes. The idea of this syllabus was that […]

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First World War I

The strength of this attachment is to such an extent that they refute any falsification of their hypothesis, causing them to disbelieve such information. This phenomenon is referred to as confirmation bias. Consequently, this confirmation bias could prove repetition as an ineffective method of arriving at truth because a scientist could simply discount a conclusion […]

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TOK presentation

  “17 Whereas the train representing Kien and Phuong’s lives, which had begun as innocent teenagers, metamorphosed as circumstances challenged them, and they emerged out as mature individuals at the culmination. Phuong ironically hardens as an individual, a negative trait, though it helps her go through the entire war, similarly Kien developed a “new found […]

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War and Camel Xiangzi

One is conversant with the metaphorical manifestation of existence as a wheel or a river, but life as an odyssey becomes a stark reality, upon reading the novels, Sorrow of War and Camel Xiangzi. An odyssey can be defined as a journey that enables the readers to relive the adventures of the character’s life, ranging […]

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The play Journey’s End

Throughout the play we can see how Sherriff has ranked the characters in an order of hierarchy; the main character who we can see this from is mason, the officers’ cook. Mason is nearer the bottom of the ranking as he is purely there to serve the other men. Mason uses language like ‘sir’ to […]

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