Essays on Women

Victorian Attitudes Towards Women

The Victorian age was a pivotal point in history. At this time the most powerful empire in the world Great Britain. During this period there were significant advancements in industrial technology. Britain was seen as the “Workshop of the World” it had the finest industries […]

Women and marriage

However, May’s behavior is the epitome of cynicism towards women. The merchant presents May as being cold-hearted and manipulative. Whilst January is ravishing May, she is described as being ‘as stille as stoon’. There is also suggestion of cynicism towards women that is implicitly and […]

The struggle for the emancipation of women

Today we take for granted that women have the same rights as men. This was not always the case, before the first world war very few people believed women should have the same rights as men, even women themselves believed this was true. But some […]

Ideological MEaning

Real women have Curves (2002) directed by Patricia Cardoso is about the story of a young Latina girl named Ana and her battle against the family tradition. She is a gifted, ambitious, smart, talented, and independent girl who is being held back by Latin tradition, […]

Women in Drama

We can only understand the role of women in Greek tragedies within the framework of a concrete gender ideology that existed in Athenian society. The already prevailing sharp division between the sexes was reflected in, and enforced by, an ideology of gender, which attributed different […]

Women in Mythology

Such active prejudice against women, avowed and covert, institutionalised and personal, of humongous proportions in all, is really strange for a civilised society so advanced that we associate it with enlightenment. But we must not forget the equally inhuman practice and philosophical defence of slavery […]

Women & slaves

It is sometimes suggested that women occupied a position analogous to slaves, in relationship to the free male master of the household (oikos). Medea’s use of the word despotes (“master”) in the passage alluded to earlier suggests that the lot of women resembled that of […]

Ancient Greece

While women played a significant and even central role in so much of Greek literature, the real women of Ancient Greece led an extremely restricted life style. The feminism of the 1970s revived interest in the historical study of women and revitalised many allied areas […]

The Subjugation of Women in Greek Culture and Literature

The Ancient Greece, most prominently represented by Athens of circa 5th Century BCE, was an outright male-dominated society, often so to an obnoxious degree. The way the women were systematically suppressed in that society, disregarded, and denied seemingly almost all human dignity appears surreal to […]

Studies Related to the Effects of Domestic Abuse to Women

To learn more about this issue, the discussion of the different types of abuse would help in defining the fact that people are simply passing the ideals of their personal devastation to others: Types of Human Abuse: Psychological Abuse- Affects the psychological growth of a […]