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The risks and benefits of Facebook and social media

Nowadays, who doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, Linkedin or other kind of social media? Even parents and grand parents get cracked for them. Social media are omnipresent in our lives. But before going further, let’s define what social media are. Social media are forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and […]

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The Influence of Social Media in Activism

Is the social media network like Facebook and Twitter just used for our entertainment? Just by having a twitter account or a Facebook, one knows that this not true. Not too long ago, people started to share frantically the Kony 2012 video and that later caused uproar in society motivating them to donate money to […]

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Powerful Beyond Measure

Marianne Williamson was a spiritual activist, author and founder of the Peace Alliance, which established the United State Department of Peace. The passage that is being written about comes from Mrs. Williamsons book Return to love. did not read the book to have found this poem, I first heard the poem in a movie known […]

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