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write a resignation letter

There are not many people who work in the same position the whole life. People change their job for different reasons, and if you are a good employee, the company would not like to lose you. Therefore, you will probably need to quit the job to move forward. At the final stage of the first career, you have to think how to write a resignation letter. At first glance, it is a simple trivia, because you can resign whenever you want, and if the letter is not written properly, this will not influence your future anyway. Later you may regret this mistake.

Letter of resignation is a written request, which has to be provided by an employee when she or he is intended to leave the job. It is a legal document, which can be used in court if the employer and employee have not reached a common agreement or if the terms of the contract have been violated. Usually, this paper has to be written in advance. The company may need some time to find someone who can replace you.

How to write a resignation letter TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Download resignation letter template word before writing. Perhaps, you will need to have it at hand.

Official reasons to quit the job

Another offer. The most common cause to terminate an employment contract is new job opportunities. Qualified personnel is highly appreciated so that other companies can offer such employees on more favorable terms.

Poor health. Illness or trauma of worker or members of his or her family is reasonable cause to quit the position. It may influence revision of contract conditions; usually, employers try not to complicate the dismissal process in such cases.

Bad work environment. Problems with the team, difficult tasks or harmful working conditions may encourage you to change the job. Your boss has to sign the resignation letter because your health and well-being are at stake.

Unsuitable schedule. Perhaps, your working hours do not let you find enough time for family or another important activity; work at night could have a bad impact on your physical condition.

Career change. Routine work can become boring in a while, even if you can cope with it easily. Some people do not get upset when the work brings no pleasure but look for something more interesting, and they are right. Live and learn. There is no job which worth our precious time if it does not make us happy.

Remember, you do not have to explain, why you want to leave. Refer to unpredictable personal problems that make fulfillment of commitments impossible.

Letter of resignation

Always be polite, even if you hate your boss. It is important to write the date of the last working day and the reason for resigning. Be laconic. Read resignation letter examples to understand the style and the way to express your thoughts. Indicate the condition of the contract. It is worth to thank your employer for the opportunity to get new experience and develop with the company.  Do not take this as hypocrisy, even if you lie. It is just a formality. After finishing, put the sign and data; make a copy and keep it.

Take into consideration some tips, when you are leaving the company. Stay positive no matter what. You may need a recommendation from the previous job while employing, so do not destroy your future career.

If you do not have a new job yet, try to find it immediately after the dismissal. Certainly, you want to have a rest, but you may get into the comfort zone, and new interviews and duties can be extremely stressful.

While talking to your HR-manager, never complain about your pervious job. Even though you were a brilliant worker, but the boss just disliked you, choose a neutral reason. For instance, say that you wanted to try yourself in another area. The best option is the one you wrote in the resignation letter. It will help to avoid an uncomfortable situation if the new picky boss asks to show it. Problems with co-workers also should be kept in secret. A lot of managers care about friendly climate in the team. As well, do not avoid the direct answer about the cause of your resignation. “I prefer not to talk about it” or “I had my reasons,” sounds even worse than “my employee couldn’t find a common language with me.”

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